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Do you want to have a job which uses all your skills and fits natural with who you are? It is more than possible.

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Are you ready to find a better company to work for? Are you in between jobs? Are you satisfied with what you do, but are unable to find a place which fits you?

Then you are ready for a custom employer search to identify and place you in a postion tailor made for you personaitly and skills.
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Is there something missing in life? You have a "good" job, or know you should be satisfied with work. Yet something is not right. Work just is not as meaningful as it once was and it is affecting other areas of your life.

It is time to bring out your best potential in your whole life. Learn why it is possible.

How to become a work of art

The world is in desperate need of Art. Art brings beauty and true beauty heals souls. Anything you do can be Art, even taking out the trash. Whatever you do, do it with your full intention. Care not if it is perfect. True beauty is imperfect but it is full of intent. We are moved […]

Video Reply: How to avoid the 3 most costly marketing mistakes & beat the pants off your competition

Start Me Up: Marketing First-Stage Last Thursday I spoke at Start Me Up in Saigon about the most common marketing mistakes Start Up businesses make.  It was a huge honor to talk to everyone, (and there were a lot of you).  It apparently hit a nerve too. Many people asked for the slides afterwards.  Instead […]


3 Job Killing Resume Mistakes

Don’t make these simple resume mistakes Resume mistakes , the dreaded foe of the job hunter.  These silent killers will crush your job chances without you noticing what went wrong.  They are like the boogie monster in the job search closet. You can’t see them, you have heard horror stories, and you never know it […]

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